The right nutrition during her First 1,000 Days will set your baby up for a bright and happy future.
The First 1,000 Days begins at pregnancy and goes through Baby’s second birthday. What you eat while pregnant and what you feed your little one from birth to age two can determine his or her future health, brain development and well-being, forever.

This unique window of opportunity is too important to not take full advantage of, and it’s never too late to start. Because we at Happy Family know how important this critical window is, we’ve developed products to meet your little one’s needs at each age and stage, so feeding time is one less thing to stress about.

At Happy Family, we take an age-based, nutrition-first approach to our product development — combining the highest quality organic ingredients that nature has to offer with extra nutrition, like probiotics, choline and Salba® the SUPER Chia. The result? Products with age-appropriate nutrition to help meet your little one’s specific needs at each stage of development.

We call this Enlightened Nutrition. Start your little one’s First 1,000 Days with Enlightened Nutrition — the perfect recipe to help your baby grow & shine.

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