our promise

A healthy family is a happy family. We promise…


a happy start

At Happy Family, we believe that the right nutrition during Baby’s First 1,000 Days will set her up for a bright and happy future. We are committed to providing the best possible start for Baby’s palate and her growing body by including ingredients in our products that not only taste great but also have added nutritional benefits. With our complete line of products, we have your little one covered from first foods to school lunchboxes. Look for our smiling Happy Family logo, to find our full line of Happy products.


enlightened nutrition

When you feed your child Happy Family products, every bite really counts. We work with pediatricians and nutritionists to develop our recipes, starting with the very best organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and grains. Organic is so important, but it’s just the beginning for us. We add age-appropriate extra nutrition to many of our products — something we call Enlightened Nutrition. That means including superfoods like whole grain amaranth and quinoa, and fruits and veggies like kale, mango and coconut. Some products even have Salba® the SUPER Chia, probiotics, plant-based DHA and choline. This way, little ones get even more from each bite, and parents are even happier about their everyday food choices.


peace of mind

We bring you peace of mind by working hard every day to ensure that our foods are safe and of the highest quality. Our products are certified organic because we believe that children deserve delicious foods grown without the use of chemicals, and synthetic pesticides. You can count on us to offer items made without any yucky additives, like high fructose corn syrup or trans fats, and we always use packaging that’s made without using BPA. In addition, after all of our products are produced, they follow a protocol that we call our Positive Release Program, meaning that they must pass all of their food safety testing, before they are released for sale.Learn more about our commitment to quality here.


social goodness

We are socially responsible in all that we do. We use our collective talent to create the best possible products, grow our business, and give back to those in need. We are committed to our environment: we work with sustainable farmers to source the organic fruits and vegetables in our products; we often use post-consumer recycled materials for packaging; and we offer recyclable packaging whenever possible. We also work with organizations like Project Peanut Butter and FEED Foundation to help feed starving children all over the world. Learn more about how we give back.



We strive to feed your mind, as well as your family’s tummies! From suggestions on how to start your little one on solids, to fun recipes for the whole family, click around our site to learn tips and tricks from our guest experts, moms, dads, and caregivers. You’ll find nutrition guides, blog posts, and frequently asked questions about our products. We’re always here for you, so feel free to email us or find us on Facebook.



You’ll find happiness in every product, after all, Happy is in our name! We bring fruits and veggies to life on our packaging to help make introducing foods to your little one exciting! We know that this can often be a stressful time, so we’re here to help you laugh through the funny, unforgettable moments that these years bring. Check us out at Facebook and Twitter and share your own photos and memories with us.