5 Steps To Clean Up Your Cleaning

posted by · April 03, 2014

By Healthy Child Healthy World There’s so much parents can’t control when it comes to our children’s exposure to harmful substances outside the home—pesticides, synthetic fragrances, cleaning products. The list goes on. Thankfully we do have control over similar exposures at home, and this includes what we bring inside our homes. One of the easiest Read more

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“Promoting Brain Development Through Play and Nurture” Teleclass & Twitter chat

posted by · March 31, 2014

From a very young age, early interactions can have positive impacts that will last for years to come. You, as a parent or caregiver, can help promote baby’s brain development through play and nurture. Not sure how you can do that? Our free tele-class and Twitter chat with Deborah McNelis from Brain Insights will explain Read more


Learning to Praise Your Children for Who They Are, Not What They Do

posted by · March 12, 2014

By Kristen Padilla For the first year of my son’s life Philip seemed to reach milestones at an early age. He rolled over at 5 weeks. He began crawling at 6 months, and he began walking at 9 months. Philip reaching these milestones quickly only confirmed what I already knew: I had the smartest and Read more

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It’s Never Too Early to Read to Babies

posted by · March 05, 2014

by Kathleen Hayes As the editor of Highlight Hello, a magazine for infants and toddlers, I often hear parents ask “What’s the point in reading to babies? Aren’t they too young to understand?” The answer is that children are never too young for reading. In fact, reading to your baby is one of the most Read more

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Being a Best Friend

posted by · February 24, 2014

by Courtney Fisk I have a nine year old. I can completely remember being nine and having a best friend. I also remember switching who my best friend was every time the wind blew. I recall waiting for that really cool girl with the pretty dresses to call me her best friend. I would fight Read more

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“Preventing a Picky Eater”
Teleclass & Twitter chat

posted by · February 19, 2014

At Happy Family we believe that Baby’s first bites play a vital role in the development of future eating habits. It is our mission to give families the healthiest foods possible and to also be a source of valuable information for parents. The path to raising a child who will accept a variety of foods Read more

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