Allergies: How to Feed our Children on this Changing Landscape

posted by · March 31, 2015

Making significant changes in your family’s kitchen seems impossible some days. Adjusting for food allergies and avoidances, as well as budget and time constraints are just some of the challenges faced by parents. In this ever changing landscape, parents seem to be faced with conflicting information about ingredients, allergy concerns & product labels, and as Read more

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Warding off the Winter Blues

posted by · February 28, 2015

Winter is my least favorite time of year, partially because I am literally allergic to the cold (I break out in hives), but also because it puts so many limits on what my family can do to have fun. Now that my children are school aged, I work from home while they are at school. Read more


The First Time She Whispered

posted by · February 02, 2015

On the top ten list of accomplishments for new parents, the baby’s first word is at least top 5. Along with walking, rolling, and eventually saying “Mom” and “Dad”, it’s possibly the biggest thing we all keep an eye on. At 17 months our daughter has covered all of the above, the “Dada”’s and the Read more

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Your Child’s Growing Mind:
Infant & Toddler Brain Development

posted by · January 26, 2015

During their first two years of life, your child’s brain is like a sponge! Toddlers’ incredible capacity to learn new habits and language is partly due to the speed of brain growth. A child’s brain triples in size from birth to age two and reaches about 75% of its adult weight by their second birthday. Read more

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The First Time
We Gave Our Baby Sugar

posted by · January 20, 2015

by Susan Fishman It was her first birthday. Not a drop of sugar had passed my baby’s lips until she turned 1 and shoved a whole fistful of cake into her mouth. Yes, I was one of those moms. The new mom who wanted to do everything just right. Who made her own baby food Read more

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Eat, Drink & Be Merry Over the Holidays – Guilt and Stress Free

posted by · December 15, 2014

Tis the season for crowded stores, present wrapping, guests and a whole lot of stress. When it comes to healthy holiday entertaining, Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie, has got some great solutions to get the entire family involved and reduce stress levels. These healthy holiday hacks, tips and tricks will ensure you don’t just SURVIVE Read more

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