giving back

We don’t stop at making a difference in the way you think about feeding your family. We want to make a difference in our world, too. We work with two excellent organizations to give back to those in need.

Project Peanut Butter

We believe every child deserves to be happy. Happy Family is a proud supporter of Project Peanut Butter, an organization that helps feed children in Africa. UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and Doctors without Borders all support PPB’s revolutionary therapeutic program.

In 1999, Dr. Mark Manary visited Malawi and witnessed first hand the Severe Acute Malnutrition that plagues this area of the world. Project Peanut Butter was his answer to helping save thousands of children by using plumpy nut called “Chiponde,” a highly nutritious peanut butter that actually saves the lives of hundreds of thousands of children who eat it.

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  • In 2006, Lauren Bush visited countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa with the United Nations World Food Program. Lauren saw firsthand the deep poverty and hunger plaguing these countries, and it inspired her to start FEED Projects. FEED creates quality products that help feed the world by donating a portion of the profits to organizations all over the world that work to fight hunger and malnutrition, especially in children. FEED has donated over $6 million and 60 million meals to date!
  • Happy Family joins FEED in this fight against hunger and malnutrition all over the world by donating a portion of our profits to them.

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