At Happy Family, we believe in more than just creating the best organic products. We believe in sourcing it and packaging it safely and sustainably. That’s done by working with sustainable, family farms and using post-consumer recycled materials whenever possible.

our packaging

At Happy Family, everything we do is focused on putting the wellbeing of children first. And that extends to the packaging we choose for our foods. We always strive to select the safest, healthiest, and most environmentally friendly options available. Here are some of our packaging stories.

Happy Puffs

Our Happy Puffs containers were originally designed for Method wipes. Method had a surplus of hundreds of thousands of these 25% post-consumer recycled containers that weren’t going to be used. We purchased these 100% recyclable packages and made them the home of our Happy Puffs. This allowed us to reduce both our carbon footprint and the amount of packaging we use for Happy Puffs.

Each canister contains 40% more puffs than other brands. When you’re finished with them, our Happy Puffs containers are 100% recyclable!



Our Pouches

Our pouches have a lower carbon footprint and a better overall environmental rating than glass jar alternatives. An independent Life Cycle analysis revealed that the pouches take less energy and fewer materials to make and produce less air pollution than glass, tetra pak or PET plastic bottles. In addition, because they’re so lightweight, our pouches outperform other alternatives by adding far less waste to landfills and saving fuel when they’re being delivered to stores.

  • While the pouch itself is not currently recyclable, many cities do accept the #2 plastics we use for our re-sealable caps
  • We are always looking for even greener, more innovative, and more recyclable alternatives to our packaging.

Happy Bellies and Happy Munchies Canisters

  • These canisters are made from over 62% post-consumer and industrial materials.
  • The lid is #4 LDPE plastic and is recyclable in most cities.


We also work with OSC2 to help lead our industry in in finding sustainable packaging solutions. OSC2, One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community, brings together leaders in the natural products industry to work together in coalitions to improve sustainability practices.