Making Green Resolutions

Our Guest Contributor Maureen from Homemade Mothering shares with us how she continues to stay GREEN throughout the year and instills those same values in her children by doing simple everyday things that help make the planet happier.

I was once interviewed for an article about green-themed New Year’s resolutions. At first it took me a while to come up with one – I make an effort every day to green my life. It quickly dawned on me that the best way for me to continue the green lifestyle in the new year is to share it more with my kids. My young kids understand the concept of recycling and saving energy, but now would be a good time to encourage them to switch off lights and limit water use while brushing their teeth. Now is a perfect time to show them the small steps they can take. By fostering planet-minded habits at a young age I am training my children to be lifelong stewards of their grandchildren’s planet.

In the spirit of the new year, perhaps it is time for you to consider ways to green your family’s lifestyle. I’ve found that making simple changes to our everyday habits benefits the planet and our finances, too. Some simple ideas to get you started:

  • Give up paper towels and paper napkins
  • Buy groceries from a local co-op
  • Make homemade laundry detergent
  • Switch to cloth diapers for your babies
  • Quit bottled water and switch to a reusable bottle

What steps will you be taking in 2013 to make this year a little GREENER?

Maureen Smithe Brusznicki is a wife, mother and friend to Mother Nature. When she’s not playing with her kids, experimenting with homemade cleaning products or cooking in the kitchen she likes to blog about living a healthy and simple life at Homemade Mothering. Maureen has also ventured out into the business world by starting her own line of organic cloth diapers called Terra Baby.