Product Safety: How we ensure safety & quality in our foods

A recent report has raised concerns about the potential lead exposure in baby food. We wanted to take a moment to personally reassure our Happy Family parents that the safety, health and wellness of our little ones is our top priority.

Our Quality and Food Safety program is designed to ensure that all of our products are safe for every baby and toddler. We have strict internal and external standards in place which must be met before we sell any product, including but not limited to:

  • We carefully control the introduction of any toxins, including lead, in our foods by thoughtfully sourcing organic ingredients from trusted farmers and suppliers. We conduct a robust and thorough monitoring program to validate the efficacy of this system.
  • We regularly test our foods to ensure they fall safely under the levels determined by the FDA.

Given our strict quality standards, independent of any outside assessments, we are constantly testing and work tirelessly to source high-quality, clean ingredients for our products. As always, we continually strive to improve our products and welcome data-based guidance to do so.

We want to help make you feel comfortable and welcome any questions or comments by calling us at 1-855-64-HAPPY or emailing us at

Answers to some additional questions you might have:

What are some additional resources you can access to help limit exposure to harmful toxins in your child’s environment?

As a company, we believe that toxin exposure, including lead, is something parents must actively control in a baby’s entire environment. We do our part from a food safety perspective and by sharing pertinent information on ways to protect developing children on our Resource Center. We also have great partners who provide incredibly useful (and free!) information:

  • The Neurological Health Foundation (which our Founder, Chief Mom and CEO, Shazi Visram, is on the board of) has published the Healthy Child Guide (password: healthychild), which educates and empowers parents to have healthy children, free of chronic health disorders.

How does lead get into food?

Trace amounts of lead can often be found in the environment, including water and soil, so it is possible that small amounts can be present in some fruits and vegetables. We only use high-quality, organic produce from trusted suppliers and farmers, conduct extensive auditing and testing and ensure our foods fall well within all available guidance levels from the FDA. As always, we continually strive to improve our products and welcome data-based guidance to do so.