Stories from the Bright Side


We are all born with a Bright Side– the little voice inside of us that tells us we can do anything. The Bright Side within us needs energy to shine and grow. The best sources of energy are organic fruit, vegetables, grains, meat and dairy. At Happy Family we use the best ingredients to create tasty blends, then add extra nutrition like Salba® the SUPER Chia and pre and probiotics, just to ensure that every bite really counts.

Happy Family wants to encourage you to live on the Bright Side for yourself and your family. We present you with “Stories from the Bright Side”. Our stories shine a humorous light on situations that all parents have experienced around feeding. Every parent has had food thrown at them, experienced temper tantrums, or received flat-out refusal to eat something at some point in their parenting career. Our Stories from the Bright Side bring these moments to life and turn frustrations into funnies.

Happy Family is inviting you to share your funny food stories with us. By doing so you will have a chance to WIN $20,000 towards your child’s college fund!