Enlightened Nutrition

At the heart of Happy Family is our enlightened approach to nutrition.
This means optimizing our recipes with smart, age-specific ingredients that help support babies' development and empowering parents with nutritional know-how.

Discover our Enlightened Ingredients below


Small and mighty, this ancient seed and staple grain delivers protein and fiber to your little one’s diet. Bonus: it’s naturally gluten-free.

coconut milk

We love this dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk because it has less sugar, but a similar creamy texture. It’s also a terrific source of magnesium.


This essential nutrient is part of the B-complex vitamin group, which helps support brain and eye health. The body doesn’t produce Choline naturally, so it must be consumed through diet.


DHA is the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain, making it especially important for Baby’s brain health. During pregnancy, Baby benefits from Mom’s natural rise in DHA levels, but after birth must get it from breast milk and food.


Probiotics are good live bacteria that help support your child’s digestive balance for a healthy, happy tummy.


We choose the highest quality chia available. Salba chia is grown in Argentina, in an ideal soil and climate, and guaranteed to be nutritionally consistent. Naturally gluten-free, Salba chia is a good source of omega-3s (ALA) and fiber.

vitamin D

One of the most sought-after and important nutrients, vitamin D does not occur naturally in many foods, which is why you often see foods “fortified” with it — a good thing! Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and is needed for bone growth and maintenance.


Once a hard-to-pronounce, unknown seed, Quinoa has become widely recognized for its impressive nutritional profile, including protein, fiber, and iron. This ancient, gluten-free grain was so sacred to the Incas, they called it the “Mother Grain.”