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Every feeding journey is different. We support them all because we’ve been there.

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Breast milk is the best thing you can feed your infant and we want to help make breastfeeding a reality for you. But we also know that it isn’t always possible or easy. That’s why we provide expert support and premium, organic products, so every parent can nourish their baby the best way they can—and feel good about it!


Chat with our Happy Mama Milk Mentors, a team of lactation specialists and Cornell-Certified nutritionists (and all moms!) available 8am–8pm (EST), Mon-Fri and 8am–4pm (EST), Sat-Sun.

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“It’s our mission to change the trajectory of children’s health. That means providing support for all parents from day one—from prenatal to breastfeeding and beyond.”

- Shazi Visram, Happy Family Founder & CEO



Breast milk is amazing because it naturally provides all the nutrients your baby needs, but it isn’t always easy. Get support and learn about the benefits of breast milk, latching tips, and more.

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Supplementing Breast Milk With Formula

Exclusive breastfeeding isn’t always possible. Having a nutritious, organic formula option on hand can help if you’re struggling with low supply or if your baby just won’t latch (it happens).

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Formula Feeding

If your family relies on formula, we know that every ingredient matters. That’s why we chose to include key vitamins and minerals naturally found in breast milk—like DHA for brain development and prebiotics to support a healthy digestive system.

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