prenatal nutrition for a happy mama

Happy Mama prenatal snacks and supplements are made to deliver some of the essential nutrition mamas-to-be need to help support a healthy pregnancy. Here's to a bright, happy journey!

ingredients with baby & mama in mind

Thoughtfully made to nurture two, Happy Mama Prenatal products are fortified with important nutrients that help support Mom’s and Baby’s development.

Nutrition When It Matters Most

We make it easy to get essentials you need during this vital window of development. Explore our nourishing ingredients to learn how they help support you and your growing baby, from head to tiny toe.


The most abundant Omega-3 fatty acid in the brain, DHA is especially important for baby’s brain development and function.


Part of the B-vitamin complex group, this nutrient supports baby’s brain and eye health and must be consumed through diet.


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and a must-have for supporting bone health.

Vitamin D

One of our essential minerals, Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the bones for healthy growth and maintenance.


Probiotics are good live bacteria that help support new mom’s and baby’s developing immune system.


Since the body doesn’t produce these essential fatty acids on its own, it’s important to consume them through your diet.

Prenatal know-how for the new mom

Questions about prenatal wellness? We've been there - so we've partnered with experts, gathered tips and collected answers to your most pressing pregnancy queries for a bright, happy journey. You've got this, Mama.