Our Happy Values

We always dreamed of doing something bigger than ourselves. Having sincere, steadfast core values helped us get there. The more families we touch, the more meaning our founding principles gain, because you believe in them, too. Here’s what continues to inspire everything we do.

Happy Start

Make Baby’s first experiences with food positive. The First 1,000 Days are critical to creating a healthy wellness blueprint, so we introduce delicious organic ingredients and beneficial nutrients that nourish the body and shape a healthy relationship with food early on. A happy start leads to a happier future.

Enlightened Ingredients

Organic is just the beginning. With the help of pediatricians and nutritionists, we develop recipes optimized with age- appropriate nutrients to bring added benefits to your little one’s development— a philosophy we call Enlightened Nutrition.” These good-for-you additions help your baby get the most out of every mouthful.

Social Goodness

We’ve been committed to giving back since day one. Through Happy to Help, we partner with an abundance of organizations intent on making the world healthier and happier. Your purchase allows us to help others, and we can’t thank you enough.

A Healthy Mind

A well-informed parent is a happy parent, so we feed your mind, too! From tips on starting solids to our handy allergy chart, we love sharing what we’ve learned from health professionals, our own experiences and all of you!

Delightful Packaging

Designed for smiles, we introduce fruits and veggies with playful characters, bright colors, and happy images that make healthy snacks approachable and exciting. You can even give each character its own funny voice for your baby’s (and your own) enjoyment.

A Mother's Care

We often speak about devoting a mother’s touch to our products, but it’s not meant to offend the incredible dads we know! It expresses the maternal spirit, in all of us, and represents the collective parental wisdom we apply to our work, from developing recipes to sharing smart resources.